About Us

DisruptDC is a network of business leaders advancing better government and elections. Our mission is to make government efficient, effective, and accountable in order to establish a more competitive, innovative business climate in America.

A challenge this serious and complex requires the best thinking. Our vision of better government is inspired by proven ideas from the business world: best practices, competitive forces, aligned incentives, open information, and disruptive innovation. We are using these ideas to shape the public debate, support policy initiatives, and develop technology projects.

With initiatives at the federal, state, and local level, DisruptDC is poised to make an essential contribution to the public discourse and political reality in our country.

Our nonpartisan, nonprofit organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has a second office in San Francisco, California.


When we tell people our name — DisruptDC — we get a wide variety of reactions. To some, it sounds scary, chaotic, and destructive. To others, it’s a trite Silicon Valley cliché.

At DisruptDC, our work is inspired by the concept of “positive disruption.” And if anything in America is ready for positive disruption, it’s our government.

The status quo is clearly not working for Americans, and incremental change will not be enough to address the deep problems we face as a nation. Business leaders know that positive disruption requires challenging established ways of thinking and doing, setting audacious goals, keeping a clear focus, and investing the resources necessary to get the job done. Now we need to do that with government.

With courage, intelligence, and hard work, our country can embrace positive disruption and take these big steps together.