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Every month we host an online conversation featuring important issues in business and government. Stay tuned for our December event invitation. Until then, please watch our November meeting on YouTube.


Government is our country’s operating system — and it’s time for an upgrade.

That’s why DisruptDC is bringing business leaders together to improve government and elections across the country. We want a thriving economy for all Americans — and to get there, we must address our dysfunctional political system first.


Business leaders know that bad government affects everyone’s bottom line — but they haven’t had a good way to make a real difference. Until now.

At DisruptDC, our nonpartisan coalition is cutting past partisan divides and political gridlock to focus on commonsense solutions at the local, state, and national level. We’re advancing policies and technologies to improve government from end to end: how we run elections, how laws are made, and how laws are implemented.


  • Competitive
  • Secure
  • Accurate


  • Transparent
  • Results-driven
  • Collaborative


  • Modern technology
  • Open data
  • Continuous improvement

We’re ready to disrupt the status quo and make our government more efficient, effective, and accountable.


Proven solutions already exist. We just need the political will to make change happen. Whether you’re a business leader, political insider, technologist, or concerned citizen, we welcome your support.