We’re a coalition of businesses and business leaders who are taking a stand for better government.

And we’re building a world-class political organization to make that vision a reality.

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Business and technology leaders are coming together for one big purpose: to upgrade American elections, policymaking, and government.

To learn more about DisruptDC’s vision of better government, please read our open letter on Medium and contact us for detailed information on how you can make an impact.


Bad government is a problem that affects everyone’s bottom line. Last fall, a Harvard Business School report concluded that our broken political system is the #1 drag on our country’s economic competitiveness. For decades, we’ve endured political squabbles, partisan gridlock, outmoded bureaucracy, unreliable elections, and an increasingly unpredictable political environment. And now, we’re paying the price.

Incremental fixes have repeatedly failed to address these deeply rooted issues, leaving pay-to-play politics and outmoded bureaucracies in control. The result? Competition and innovation decline, and businesses lose out.


The good news is that proven policy solutions and technology upgrades already exist. We just need the political will to make them happen.

We are a group of business leaders who would rather compete in the marketplace than the political arena. We believe that our political system should work well regardless of who is in power. And we are ready to help build a government that incentivizes lawmakers to collaborate and get results.

Business has led the way on numerous critical issues throughout our nation’s history, including government reform. It’s time we do it again.


Our goal is to establish a healthy political system that aligns with a robust business climate. We are working to upgrade our government by starting at the state level and moving to the federal level. We’ve identified three areas of focus to get us there:

Make Elections Competitive

Align Incentives in Policymaking

Upgrade Government with Modern Technology

Our approach is inspired by proven ideas from the business world: competitive forces, best practices, aligned incentives, open information, and disruptive innovation. By applying these methods to government, we will get better leaders, ideas, policies, and results.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll continue to engage business leaders and policy experts to define the most important and impactful ways to upgrade our government.


Joining DisruptDC means that you share our vision of better government and elections — and want to help create that change. Here’s how you can make an impact:

Research & Thought Leadership

Help envision 21st-century government. Share your experiences and ideas to improve government on all levels.

Technology Projects

Work with technology experts to identify and implement solutions that will make government and elections more secure, accessible, and auditable.

Policy Victories

Advocate with your fellow business leaders to advance solutions at the national, state, and local levels. Make the case to lawmakers, journalists, and the public.

While many organizations are working toward better government, only DisruptDC is activating the business community with an exclusive focus on nonpartisan, end-to-end improvements. One DC policy expert called our strategy a “game changer” in the effort to establish a modern, capable government.


Our early supporters are key to defining the future of DisruptDC.

If you’re a business leader who shares our vision of better government, please sign our open letter and help shape the future of DisruptDC.

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming an angel investor and making a contribution to support DisruptDC’s nonprofit operations.

DisruptDC is poised to make an essential contribution to the public discourse and political reality in our country.